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Children take time to observe habitats and animals on nature walks.

Conversations connect photos of clouds observed by children to illustrations of clouds in books.

Children look closely at insects, then draw what they see

Drawing to record observations of bark and other features of trees

Using tools (the magnifier) for observation

Comparing details of a rock collection

A drawing of a found rock, with dictations of a child's theory about it's age. After the child's presentation of his ideas to others in the class, this became a source of curriuclum for many weeks.

Rock research occurred spontaneously as a followup to indoor discussions

Using research books to identify, classify, and add to our knowledge of rocks and minerals

Comparisons of rocks continue

A child uses the magnifier to explore crystals

A followup to rock discussions was the exploration of fossils

Comparing, classifying and labeling familiar shells, using research tools

A discussion of air movement and wind leads to creative movement and dance

Seeing air in motion through the use of scarves on a windy day

Exploring sound and melody

Preparing puppets with which to tell the story of Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Using watercolors

Drawing and painting outdoors for free creative expression and to record observations

Planting and observing changes and growth over time

Adding a marigold border to the vegetable garden

Planting marigolds

Examining our harvest of radishes

Marigolds from the garden inspire printing activities

Constructing with outdoor blocks helps children connect to natural materials

Water play

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