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Art Galleries

Art Galleries

Flower Project

After conversations and observations on previous days about the plants (tulips and peas) growing on the science table, we spent meeting time together closely observing our tulips in various stages of growth and decay.  Then the teacher modeled one approach to documenting what we observed with fine black marker and watercolors, using ideas generated by the children.

After meeting, children did their own watercolors based on observations and this meeting conversation, and were asked to follow these steps in their documentation:

  • Look carefully at the plants using the magnifiers. Feel the parts of the plants gently

  • Use black markers to add lines and details

  • Mix colors on the tray to finish work with watercolors

"The rose is blooming... The sun is setting..."

"Dirt is around the edge to keep the plants safe."

"A rainy day with flowers growing"

"It is night.... The sun is behind the clouds... It is raining.... The flowers are blooming."

"Flowers in the wind"

"A tulip... It's night time... The moon..."

"Rainy day with flowers growing"

"A rainy day with flowers growing... M stands for mom and makes the petals. There is lots of dirt for flowers to grow in... And a green stem."

"Dirt is all around for the seeds underground... Yellow flowers"

"The seed is resting underground in winter."

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